Hajj Package 2017 Bangladesh
Hajj Package 2017 Bangladesh

                                                   WHY GO WITH JETWAY HAJJ GROUP TO PERFORM HAJJ AND UMRAH ?


Hajj Package in Bangladesh

Alhamdulillah Thousands Of Pilgrims Have Enjoyed Performing Hajj & Umrah With Us Over The Years …. Here Are Some Of The Reasons Why…

By the Grace of Almighty Allah, JETWAY HAJJ GROUP has established as a front-runner in a relatively short time ( since 2009 ) in offering Hajj & Umrah packages.  Alhamdulillah, Our main concern has always been to remain fair and honest in all our dealings, delivering what we promise and combining professionalism with firm adherence to the Qur’an & Sunnah. We offering Hajj Package in bangladesh with comprehensive price. we also offering Umrah Hajj Package in Bangladesh with low price.

As a result of this, we find that the majority of people who travel with us do so based on recommendations from previous customers [Hajji’s].

we served happily a large group of High Officials, Alhamdulillah, all of them are very happy about our service. To know more about us , you can visit Haji list & testimonials of this website, Even you can discuss with them before booking Hajj package.

Hajj Package Bangladesh

  • www.jetwayhajjgroup.com is providing some special Hajj Package in Bangladesh, Umrah Hajj package in Bangladesh,  VIP Hajj Package Bangladesh. Our sophisticated and well experienced and more knowledgeable caring team is always curious to guide the hujjaj about Hajj tours information. We are providing services step by step process to perform the Umrah and Hajj promptly. Umrah Hajj Package in Bangladesh offers best Hajj and Umra packages to facilitate the hujjaj around the globe. We are the best level and leading Hajj and Umrah agency in Bangladesh. Not only Bangladeshi Muslims but also global Muslims like United Arab Emirates (UAE), Gulf, Bahrain, Qatar. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, England (UK), British, African, European, Canada and United State of America (USA) have already get benefited by getting our Hajj package and services. We are always ready to serve from the beginning to end of your Hajj mission.
    www.jetwayhajjgroup.com is Hajj Package in Bangladesh, Umrah Hajj Package in Bangladesh, Hajj Package Bangladesh, VIP Hajj Package Bangladesh. Hajj Package in Bangladesh 2017, Umrah Hajj Package in Bangladesh 2017 offers private hajj packages Bangladesh from Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Barisal, Rangpur, Sylhet, Comilla and from any places approved by ministry of Hajj. As the best we feel proud to give Hajj and Umrah offer the best Hajj Bangladesh (VIP, Executive, 5 Star, Universal express) services & packages for Hujjaj. Total complete arrangement of the journey about Hajj and Umrah from Bangladesh to Mecca and Medina, we arrange training before travel, tutorial guide, interactive Hajj material and brochures and special VIP arrangements in Mina and Arafat. We are working always in every second how to comfort your Hajj and Umrah trip.

We are specialized & country leading company for VIP 5 STAR HAJJ management at reasonable cost , Even we cater customized packages also properly. Hajj trip accompanied by religious person (Mufti Maolana) to guide Hajj rituals & steps according to Qur’an & Sunnah. Skilled people appointed in Our Liaison offices in Holy Makkah & Madinah to ensure Quality of service. we are improving our efficiency gradually to ensure Higher level of comfort to our respected Hajis . Jetway Hajj team consist of educated ,experienced, skilled & dedicated young peoples to serve respected Guest of Allah(Hajji) properly 24/7 . Each & every year we want to serve them at Holy Makkah - Madinah -Arafa-Mudalifa & Jamara. Our aim is your complete satisfaction. we want your travel experience to be memorable in positive way. Our motivated and skilled team is totally committed in providing a reliable, efficient service to the successful completion of every Hajj & umrah trip. We hope you find our web site to be informative and helpful. We always offer the Hajj package in Bangladesh. if you interested please feel free to contact us any time. if you would like to take our Hajj and Umrah Hajj package then booking now. Our dedicated team will help you how to quick process on time.

May Allah Help us to perform our Hajj properly. Jazak Allah Khair

Team Jetway

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