VIP 5 star Royal Hajj Package-14 days

VIP 5 star Royal Hajj Package-14 days

  • From BDT. 926,000
  • Category: 5 star VIP hajj | Airline: Saudia | Duration: 14 Days
  • 5 star Swissotel Hilton suite / Pullman Zamzam Tower similar adjacent AL Haram.

    3-star Hotel in Madinah Zower intl / ODST / similar Hotel within 2 min walk.

    Buffet Breakfast in  Hotel, Lunch + Dinner from Food court.

    VIP Moallem service for Mina-Arafat-Mujdalifa

    Return Air ticket with Saudia Airlines.

    AC Transport, Hajj Guide assistance, No Hidden Cost.

    For further information kindly check Royal hajj package service details

    Hajj package 2021 cost is not finalized yet by Bangladesh Govt.

    Contact: , +8802-9560160 - 61, +8801795 827700 , 

  • Quad 926,000 Triple 1022,623 Twin 1268,440

        • 5star Royal Hajj Package Details
      • zero meter distance


Quad bedroom

Buffet Breakfast & Dinner

Triple bedroom

Buffet Breakfast & Dinner

Double /Twin bedroom

 Buffet Breakfast & Dinner

14 Days
BDT 9,26,000/person
BDT 10,22,623/person
BDT 12,68,400/person

20 Days

( 9 nights in Madinah )

BDT 9,88,948/person

BDT 10,97,323/person

BDT 13,36,623/person

      • The package price is changeable. we'll finalize the cost after Govt. announcement of Hajj 2021

Duration: 14 Days
Departure:  25 July 2020 
Return: 07 August 2020

Package cost included:

  • Hajj Visa

    • Airlines :
      Business Class return Air ticket with Saudia Airlines
      Holy Makkah: 10 Nights
    • 04-14 ZilHajh
    • 5 Star Swissotel / Movenpick / Hilton / similar adjacent  Al Haram.
    • Luxurious Room, Individual Bed / King size bed.
      Food: 5star Hotel Buffet HB (Breakfast +  Dinner) Meals,
    •            Indian / Bangladeshi Lunch from Food court.

  • During Hajj Days
  • VIP Tent in Mina - Arafat Moallem Service
    AC Tent in Mina & Arafat including 3 Times Food.
    Hotel > Mina > Arafa > Mujdalifa Transfer by Luxury AC Bus.
    Stoning assistance in Jamarat by our experienced service team.
  • Religious guide assistance.

      • 3-star Hotel accommodation in Holy Madinah al Monowarra: 4 Days / 10 Days
        14-17 ZilHajh or 14-23 Zilhaj ( 20 days)
        Comfortable room at 3 Star Hotel in Holy Madinah beside Masjid al Nabawi.
        Individual Bed for Each Guest.
        Food:  Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner from a catering company.
        Holy Places Ziarah ( tour) in Madinah.

      • Transport service details:
        Airport to Makkah hotel Transfer by Saudi Hajj Ministry AC BUS.
        During Hajj, from Hotel –> Mina tent –> Arafat –> Mujdalifa by Agency Reserved AC Transport.
        Makkah Hotel -> Madinah Hotel by Saudi Hajj Ministry AC BUS.
      • Madinah Hotel to  Airport > by Saudi Hajj Ministry AC BUS.
      Hajj training & Guide ( Mufti Maolana)
      Pre Hajj seminar & training workshop in Bangladesh leaded by experienced Islamic Scholar ( Mufti Maulana) to
      Perform Hajj & Umrah according to Qur'an & Sunnah.
      Experienced Islamic Scholar ( Mufti Maulana) accompanied throughout the pilgrimage to guide hajj steps & rituals.

       Zearah :
      Holy & Historical places Guided tour by reserved VIP Transport.

      Hajj kit:
      Complimentary Hajj kit by Jetway Hajj Group.

      Other Services:
      Emergency Medical services, Group discussion, experienced religious guide, Standby service assistant in Saudi Arabia to fulfill your needful.        

      • NOTE:
      •                                                                                                    extra ticket &  Qurbani [excluded]
      •                                                               ::::  Business class returns air ticket available at additional cost.                                                              
      • > If Saudi / Bangladesh govt. increase gov. hajj package price / any fees then our package price will be affected any time without any prior notice.
      • > The above package price is not the final price before the announcement of Govt. Hajj package for the respective year.
        *T&C apply.

        If this hajj package is not suitable for you then go to another 14 days short jetway hajj package along with all luxury amenities.


    Royal Hajj Itinerary

    • Holy Makkah
    •  5star Hotel [Zero meter distance from Al Haram ]
       4 Zilahj - 14 Zilhaj
      Airport to Makkah Hilton Transfer by Saudi Hajj ministry AC Transport.
      Check-in Hotel & after taking rest Perform Umrah, guided by our experienced people.
      Full Board ( Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) Meals.
      Holy & Historical places Guided tour by reserved  AC Tourist Coach
      Group discussion about hajj rituals, steps & other related matters.
      • VIP Moallem service
      • During Hajj Days :  8-12 Zil Hijjah
      • Mina-Arafa-Mujdalifa-Mina

    • 7 Zilhaj Night / 8 zilhaj Morning:
    • After Making Ihram intention for Hajj, Group Will Be shifted To Mina AC Tent.
    • Hotel –> Mina Tent Transfer By VIP Moallem reserved AC Bus ( seat by seat )
    • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner at Mina Tent Will Be Served by Moallem Office.

    • 8 Zilhaj Night/ 9 zilhaj Morning:
    • the group will be shifted to Arafat by VIP Moallem reserved AC Bus( seat by seat ).
    • 9 Zilhaj is Arafa(Hajj) Day , Spend the whole day in Arafat tent with ebadat yourselves & rituals guided by a Hajj guide( Maolana)

    • 9 zilhaj Evening:
    • after sunset, the group will be shifted to Mujdalifa by VIP Moallem reserved AC Bus.
    • The bus will stay the whole night with our Hajis.
    • Haji Group spends night In Mujdalifa & Collect 49/70 pebbles For Jamarat stoning.
    • Dinner box.

    • 10 Zilhaj Morning
    • The group will be shifted ( VIP Moallem reserved AC Bus) to Mina VIP tent.
    • After taking breakfast go to Jamarat for stoning at the suitable time declared by tent administrator with our assistance.
    • Complete your Qurbani shave your head (M) / Cut hair(F) > Change ihram after taking Bath.

    • 10 Zilhaj Evening:
    • The group will be shifted to Al-Haram( by Agency Reserved AC Bus) for Tawaf.
    • Perform Tawaf-E-Ziarat ( Forj Tawaf of Hajj) & Sa’ee, Our service team will assist the group.
    • return back to Mina tent.

    • 11 Zilhaj stoning:
    • The group will be shifted to Jamarat stoning and return back to Mina tent.

    • 12 Zilhaj 
    • The group will be shifted to Jamarat stoning.
    • Perform hassle-free Jamarat Stoning with the assistance of our experienced service team.
    • return back to Hotel by reserved Bus.
      Medina 3 Nights or 9 nights Hotel[ Beside Masjid al nabawi]
      14  -17 Zilahj  or 14 -23 zilhaj 
    • After performing Biday Tawaf be ready to go Holy Madinah al Mokarrama.
      Shift by AC BUS to Hotel in Holy Medina Al Monowara.
      Breakfast  & Dinner, Lunch form catering company.
      Holy places Ziara in Medina.
      Check out your Hotel & shift to Airport for Dhaka/any country Return flight.




    1) Speak to an expert consultant, understand the package clearly , Call +8801795827700

    2) Sign Booking form / Terms & Conditions, pre-registration deposit required BDT 31,000 per person for 2018, its valid for 2019 also. (Refundable depending on terms).

    4) Send NID scanned copy for ADULT and Birth certificate + Passport for Child/infant  + 4 photographs per person.

    5) Attend pre-Hajj seminar, and prepare your self physically and physiological for the most important journey in your life.


    • Dear Masum Billah Bhai,
      •  I really don't know where to begin except to say, "Thank you."
        •  Truly, I including my 8 members of the family had a marvelous time on our trip for Umrah. We were very pleased with the accommodations in Holy Makkah and Madinah. It was amazing and exceeded my expectations! . .

    Haji Engineer Mohammad Haroon Bhuiyn

    Engineer Mohammad Haroon Bhuiyn

  • No word to appreciate. Real good professionalism & quick in response over phone or e-mail. Start to end all way we got good support. By the Grace of Allah, we completed a successful Umrah. All credit goes to Masum Bhai. I found Jetway Hajj Group while searching the web for a Hajj Kaphela, from the net I mail to Masum bhai & got a response within short times. That's all somehow ...

    Haji Abu Taleb Liton

    Abu Taleb Liton

    DGM, Mamiya-OP (BD) Ltd, CEPZ
  • Good experience and services. All pre-set arrangement helped a lot for smooth completion of 10days Umrah with family. However, better management in Madina will improve satisfaction level further. Overall very good service.

    Haji S M Ziyad Ahmed

    S M Ziyad Ahmed

    Sr. Executive, ROBI Telecom
  • Alhamdulillah, we have performed Umrah & visited Egypt recently with "Jetway Hajj Umrah Group". we are very much satisfied with their service. they have a professional and dedicated service team in Makkah, Madinah & Egypt. All of . . . 

    Haji DR. Md. Shawkat Hossain Khan

    DR. Md. Shawkat Hossain Khan

    Doctor, Kurmitola General Hospital
  • At first, I would like to say Thank you very much...!!! I have performed Umrah with my family last week. The service was incredible. They have a dedicated team in Makkah and Medinah. Special thanks to Masum Vai, and Delwar vai. They kept their commitment. I will definitely recommend this travel agent. Md. Ashikur Hasib, CANADA

    Haji Md. Ashikur Hasib

    Md. Ashikur Hasib

    Private job in Canada
  • Completed UMRAH this March, 2017 with family. Stayed in Jawed El Saqeefah Hotel in Madinah and Mubarak Plaza in Makkah. Both are premium category hotels. Staffs support..

    Haji S. M. Mahfuzur Rahman

    S. M. Mahfuzur Rahman

    Executive Vice President
  • Assalamualaikum, I have performed my Umrah in May 2016 and Holly Hajj in September 2016 through Jetway Hajj Agency.  The beauty of this agency is their commitment. They are so committed to their services from Hotel reservations,  transportation, and other important services. During Hajj many . . 



  • Dear Mr. Masum Billah

     Thank you very much for everything you have done for us. May Allah bless you and increase your ability to help people for their hajj. Insha Allah I will contact you for further Hajj and Umrah in the future.

    Haji Professor Dr. Moududul Haque

    Professor Dr. Moududul Haque

  • As-Salamu Alaikum. I would like to thank your Company Jetway Hajj Group and personally you for the extended support and professionalism in arranging the hajj program..

    Haji Md. Rashedul Hussain

    Md. Rashedul Hussain

    Vice President, HSBC
  • Jetway Hajj Group had arranged VIP Package for Holy Hajj in this year for three of my family members. They had prepared the entire schedule properly.

    Jetway Team also provide good service & co-operation as per their commitment from the beginning to the end of Holy Hajj in Saudi Arabia...

    Haji A.K.M. Jeaur Rahman

    A.K.M. Jeaur Rahman

    Ex. Senior Vice President( IFIC Bank Ltd.)
  • We Four Of Our Family Members Had Booked With Jetway Hajj Group For VIP 5 star Royal Hajj Package For 2015. The Service Rendered By Jetway Was Very good..

    Haji Syed Shahid Hossain

    Syed Shahid Hossain

    Deputy General Manager
  • The service of the Jetway Hajj group at Makkah & Madinah during our Hajj trip 2011 was cordial & comfortable. They were very much sincere about us. We are happy and recommend them to interested people who want to perform Hajj. We wish their prosperity in this business.

    Haji Engineer Md. Shykul Islam

    Engineer Md. Shykul Islam

    General Manager(Rtd.) BCIC
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