umrah package bd
umrah package bd
umrah package bd

Umrah Package BD | Umrah Visa

  • Umrah visa processing is subject to permission from Govt. We don’t sale Umrah package right now.

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    Kindly call the Umrah package BD Team for expert assistance. 

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    Jetway hajj umrah group is the best umrah agency in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are Premium business partner of all chain 5star / 4star / 3star hotels in Makkah & Madinah for Umrah & Hajj. JHG ensure umrah Hajj service quality through our Office and experienced team member in Saudi Arabia.

Umrah Package from Bangladesh 2021 | Umrah Visa | VIP service by Jetway Hajj Umrah Group

Umrah visa processing is subject to permission from Bangladesh Govt.

Jetway Hajj Umrah group put special focus while arranging 5-star facilities for your umrah package 2020-2021 from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Jetway Umrah packages are carefully crafted for the family with Kids - Senior citizens. Luxury to economy umrah hajj package from Bangladesh with fast processing of Umrah Visa, everything we have at the competitive price. Umrah visa health insurance included in visa fee. 5star hotels located adjacent to Al-Haram and other hotels also nearby. Your satisfaction and comfort are our top priority, hence, Jetway's expert Umrah hajj team goes a step further to customize the Umrah package above your expectations on the basis of 12 years of successful experience since 2009. Alhamdulillah, we are getting almost 98% reference booking for Umrah Hajj package from our previous guests. That's why Jetway is the best umrah agency for the best Umrah package from Dhaka at the best possible price. To know more, kinldy visit Testimonials and Haji list page, Google reviews, and Facebook reviews, about jetway hajj umrah group.

VIP 5star Premium Umrah package 2021

  • From BDT. 108,000
  • Category:5 star VIP | Airline: Any Airlines | Duration: 5/7/10/12/14 Days

5 star Anjum Makkah Hotel / Le MERIDIEN Makkah Beside Al Haram.

3-star Zower intl hotel  / Al Shourfah Hotel ( 150 meters)  in Madinah to Female prayer area

Daily Buffet Breakfast &  AC Transport service 

Umrah Visa, Return Air ticket, Bangladeshi Umrah guide & Driver, No hidden cost.

For more details pls click here

Contact: , +8802-9560160 - 61, +8801795 827700

We don't sell the Umrah package right now &  price isn't updated for 2021

VIP 5star Super Umrah package 2021

  • From BDT. 114000
  • Category:5star umrah | Airline: Any Airlines | Duration: 5 / 7 / 10 / 12 /15 Days

Umrah visa, Return air ticket

5-star Hotel Clock tower's hotels adjacent al-Haram.

3 star Hotel beside Masjid al Nabawi, 100-200 meter distance.

Daily Buffet Breakfast, Sightseeing, no hidden cost

Omra hajj guide, Airport- Hotel-City transfer service

Contact: , +8802-9560160 - 61, +8801795 827700

We don't sell the Umrah package right now &  price isn't updated for 2021

VIP 5star Umrah Hajj package 2021

  • From BDT. 125,625
  • Category:Luxury umrah | Airline: Any Airlines | Duration: 5 /7 / 10 /14 Days

5-star Hotel comfy Room adjacent Al-Haram ( zero meter distance )

5 star Anwar Movenpick / Millennium Aqeek in Madinah.

Daily Buffet Breakfast & Ziara / holy places tour.

Airport pickup-drop & Makkah-Madinah comfortable private transfer.

Umrah Visa, Air ticket, Bangladeshi service team & Driver, No hidden cost.

omra hajj guide assistance , for details pls click here

Contact: , +8802-9560160 - 61, +8801795 827700

We don't sell the Umrah package right now &  price isn't updated for 2021

Standard Umrah Package from Bangladesh 2021

  • From BDT. 85000
  • Category:Umrah Package 2021 | Airline: Saudia Airlines | Duration: 7/10/14 Days

Umrah Visa & Return Air ticket.

2 Star standard Hotel within short walking distance in Makkah.

2 Star Standard Hotel nearby Masjid al Nabawi in Madinah.

Airport - hotel, Makkah - Madinah return AC transport service.

Professional Bangladeshi service team in Makkah & Madinah, No hidden cost.

Omra Hajj guide assistance, For details pls click here.

Contact: , +8802-9560160 - 61, +8801795 827700

We don't sell the Umrah package right now &  price isn't updated for 2021

Economy Umrah hajj package

  • From BDT. 79000
  • Category:Economy package | Airline: Short Transit airlines | Duration: 14-15 Days

Umrah Visa & Return group Air ticket with 1 short transit airlines ( 1.5 to 3 hours )

Umrah Hotel accommodation in Makkah & Madinah.( 7-8 min walk )

AC room comes with Attached Bath 

AC transport, Bangladeshi Omra Hajj Guide, No hidden cost.

Bangladeshi service team.

Contact: , +8802-9560160 - 61, +8801795 827700

Umrah Package with DUBAI tour

  • From BDT. 126000
  • Category:Umrah & Dubai | Airline: Emirates | Duration: 9-15 Days

5 days to 14 days Umrah package from Dhaka

3 days to 6 days Dubai guided tour package from Dhaka

Hotel accommodation with buffet breakfast*.

Desert safari tour with dinner

Dhow cruise trip with dinner

Return Air ticket , No hidden cost, Omra Hajj guide assistance
Contact: , +8802-9560160 - 61, +8801795 827700

Umrah Package with EGYPT tour

  • From BDT. 149,000
  • Category:Umrah Egypt | Airline: SAUDIA | Duration: 11-15 Days

7 Days Umrah Package with Umrah Visa

4 Days Cairo + Alexandria tour package with All meals.

Hotel accommodation with Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

2 Full Day tours in Pyramid - Cairo & Alexandria

Transport, Guide, No Hidden Cost, Omra Hajj guide assistance.
Contact: , +8802-9560160 - 61, +8801795 827700

Umrah Package with TURKEY tour

  • From BDT. 145,000
  • Category:umrah turkey | Airline: Any Airlines | Duration: 7 days to 15 days Days

7 days Classic Umrah package with Visa.

4 days Istanbul guided tour twin sharing Bedroom

Return Air ticket, Daily Breakfast, 

Full day bosforash & two continent tour with Lunch

No Hidden Cost, Omra Hajj guide assistance

Contact: , +8802-9560160 -61 ,  +8801795827700

4 Star Deluxe Umrah Package from Dhaka

  • From BDT. 104000
  • Category:4 star | Airline: Any Airlines | Duration: 5/7/10/12/14 Days

Umrah Visa, Return air ticket

5 star Al Sohada hotel / Sheraton Hotel in Makkah (Buffet breakfast ) Nearby Al-Haram.

3-star Zower intl hotel  / Al Shourfah Hotel ( 150 meters)  in Madinah to Female prayer area.

Buffet breakfast in the hotel, Airport-hotel return transfer & Sightseeing.

Bangladeshi service team in Makkah- Madinah no hidden cost.

Omra Hajj Guide assistance, For details pls click here.

Contact: , +8802-9560160 - 61, +8801795 827700

3star Executive Umrah Package

  • From BDT. 104000
  • Category:3 star umrah | Airline: Any Airlines | Duration: 5/7/10/12/14 Days

Umrah Visa & Return Air ticket.

3 star Hotel (200 meter distance / 3-4 min walk ) in Makkah.

3 star Hotel (150-200 meter distance / 3-4 min walk ) in Madinah.

Airport - Hotel 2 way transfer , Makkah - Madinah transfer in AC BUS & Ziara  .

Professional Bangladeshi Omrah Hajj Guide ( Maolana) & service team in Makkah & Madinah.

Contact: , +8802-9560160 - 61, +8801795 827700

3star Classic Umrah Package

  • From BDT. 102000
  • Category:3 star | Airline: Any Airlines | Duration: 5/7/10/12/14 Days

Umrah Visa & Return Air ticket.

3 star Hotel within short walking distance in Makkah.

3 star type Hotel nearby Masjid al Nabawi in Madinah.

Umrah Transport service & Ziara, No hidden cost.

Professional Bangladeshi Umrah Hajj Guide ( Mailana ) & service team in Makkah & Madinah.

Contact: , +8802-9560160 - 61, +8801795 827700

RAMADAN Umrah 15 days package 2021

  • From BDT. 108000
  • Category: Economy | Airline: Any Airlines | Duration: 14-15 Days

Umrah Visa, Return air ticket

star Standard AC Hotel in Misfalah area in Makkah

star Standard AC Hotel Karim Taibah / Similar in Madinah

Individual Bed, Private washroom, Round trip Airport-Hotel-Makkah-Madinah AC transport

Omr Hajj Guide & No hidden cost

Contact: , +8802-9560160 - 61, +8801795 827700

Umrah package price isn't updated for 2021

RAMADAN Umrah package Economy 2021

  • From BDT. 96000
  • Category:Ramadan umrah | Airline: Any Airlines | Duration: 14-15 Days

Umrah Visa, Return air ticket

Economy AC Hotel in Makkah

Economy AC Hotel Building in Madinah

Individual Bed , Private washroom, Airport-Hotel return AC transport.

Umrah Hajj Guide ( Moallem ) & No hidden cost

Contact: , +8802-9560160 - 61, +8801795 827700

Umrah package price isn't updated for 2021

I'tikaf Umrah package - 15 Days

  • From BDT. 91000
  • Category:i'tiqaf umrah | Airline: Transit airlines | Duration: 15 days Days

2 Nights hotel in Makkah

2 Nights hotel in Madinah

10 Nights I'tikaf

Airport-hotel return Umrah transfer

Makkah - Madinah transfer

I'tikafregistration in Makkah or Madinah

Omra Hajj Guide assistance, Umrah visa, Bangladeshi team.

    Contact: ,  +8802-9560160 - 61,  +8801795 827700

Ramadan Umrah package 5 star premium

  • From BDT. 130,000
  • Category:Ramadan umrah | Airline: Any Airlines | Duration: 10 /12 /14 Days

Umrah visa and Return Umrah Flight Ticket

Five  star  hotel  Adjacent  Al  Haram.

Three  star  Hotel  beside  Masjid  al Nabawi.

Airport- Makkah - Madinah - Airport transport service.

Breakfast,  Bangladeshi  Omra Hajj Guide assistance

Contact: , +8801964117243, +8801795 827700

Ramadan Umrah Hajj package 3star

  • From BDT. 115,000
  • Category: Classic | Airline: Any Airlines | Duration: 10/15 Days

Umrah Visa including Health insurance.

3 star Hotel Ferdous al Umrah / similar Hotel 5-6 min walk to al Haram

3 star Hotel ODST Hotel / Similar Hotel in Madinah , 180 meter distance ( 2 min walk)

Airport-Makkah-Madinah-Airport AC transport service.

AC room, Fridge, Private Bath Room (hi-commode).

Return Air ticket ,  no hidden cost

Omra Hajj Guide assistance, For details pls Click Here

Contact: , +8802-9560160 - 61, +8801795 827700

Eid ul Fitr Umrah Package 2021

  • From BDT. 107,000
  • Category:Eid ul Fitr | Airline: any | Duration: 9 Days
5  star  / 3star / standard Hotel  beside  Al  Haram.
Hotel beside  Masjid al Nabawi in Madinah.
Airport- Makkah - Madinah - Airport transport service.
Buffet breakfast*,  Bangladeshi service team
Omra Hajj Guide assistance, For details pls click here.
Contact: , +8801964117243, +8801795 827700
Umrah package price isn't updated for 2021

5star premium UMRAH with EID UL FITR

  • From BDT. 121000
  • Category:umrah | Airline: Any Airlines | Duration: 7 / 9 Days

5  Star  hotel  Adjacent  Al  Haram in Makkah

Three  Star Premium Hotel  beside  Masjid  al Nabawi.

Airport- Makkah - Madinah - Airport transport service.

Meals,  Bangladeshi  Guide  &  driver  service

Contact: , +8801795 827700

Umrah FAQs | 2021

Q. How can I get Umrah visa from Bangladesh?

Interested muslim peoples can apply for Umrah visa / E-visa through an Umrah agency. Saudi Arabia Hajj Umrah ministry issue about 7 to 8 million Umrah visas and it’s increasing every year. They distribute Umrah visa quota worldwide through the Umrah visa agency. A huge number of Umrah visas issued in the last year 2019 from Bangladesh. Once upon a time, a limited number of old aged Muslim peoples went to perform Umrah from Bangladesh. Last few years a huge number of young Muslim brother-sisters went to perform Umrah. Even newly married Muslim couples also going to perform Umrah before started new innings of their life.

Q. How much is the Umrah visa fee?

Umrah visa fee increased by Saudi Arabia Govt. in 2019. Visa applicant has to pay the Umrah Hajj visa fee with Vat according to the Hajj Umrah New policy. Health insurance is also mandatory for the Umrah visa from January 2020. Last few years repeated Umrah visa applicants had to pay SAR 2000/person for each time. Saudi Govt. doesn’t take the Umrah visa repetition fee from Oct 2019. So, Umrah visa fee is same for repeated / 1st time applicants.

Q. What is the cost of Umrah from Bangladesh?

Umrah cost depends on duration and facilities included in package. Package duration commonly 7 days to 14 days, but it is customizable. Accommodation types from 5star luxury hotels to Basic budget hostels available as per demand. Last 2 years basic Umrah package starting cost was • 80,000 to 90,000 for basic Umrah Package cost • 100,000 to 115,000/person for Medium umrah package cost • 125,000 to 250,000/person for Luxury umrah package cost

Best Umrah Hajj Agency in Dhaka, Bangladesh | Jetway Hajj Umrah Group

Jetway Hajj group is the best Umrah Hajj agency in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our 1st license issued by the Bangladesh Ministry of religious ( Hajj –Umrah ) in 2003 and we established our brand Jetway hajj group from 2009 for Hajj registration, umrah package BD, Hajj package, visa processing service as well as Air ticketing agency. Each and every year Jetway Hajj Group offer the best Umrah packages for families/groups at the best possible price in Bangladesh. Jetway umrah hajj packages (ওমরা হজ্জ প্যাকেজ ) are comparatively cheaper than other hajj umrah agency. Call our sales team kindly to know more about our Umrah Hajj package 2020-2021 from Bangladesh, Umrah visa fee for Bangladeshi, Umrah visa requirements for Bangladeshi, umrah visa new rules, Umrah Dubai package, umrah Egypt package, Umrah Turkey package, Itikaf umrah package, Ramadan umrah packages from Dhaka, Bangladesh. The expert team of Jetway hajj group, intelligently crafted umrah package for our respected guests to ensure their comfort and hassle-free pilgrimage. We are trying to get the best option to improve jetway umrah packages from Dhaka to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. Jetway Umrah package BD is very much flexible to customize as per buyers' desires. The buyers can modify their Umrah package for any duration from 5days umrah package to 15 days package. Basic facilities are included in all jetway umrah packages. Plenty of luxury facilities incorporated with VIP umrah packages 2020 from Bangladesh by jetway umrah team, Like 5star hotel adjacent al-haram, VIP treatment, Full-time Umrah Guide assistance, VIP transfer in latest model Jeep/ Car GMC, FORD, Buffet breakfast, and main meals, Business class return air ticket, holy places guided tour in the Makkah and Madinah and other optional items as per desire. We love to work for hajj umrah guests, the guest of Allah ( SWT).

Umrah visa requirements for Bangladeshi | Umrah Visa Fee 2021

According to Saudi hajj Umrah ministry, an Umrah visa applicant must fulfill the following terms and conditions
  • 1. Male single Umrah Visa applicants should be a minimum of 40 years old. 2. Female applicant must apply for an Umrah Visa along with Mahram. 3. Family/ couple Umrah Visa applicant’s age may below 40 even less than 25 years old is also fine to apply. 4. The child must apply for an Umrah Visa from Bangladesh with his/her parent/family members. 5. An authorized Umrah agency only able to issue an E Umrah Visa from Bangladesh. 6. An individual can’t apply for an Umrah Hajj Visa without any Umrah agency from Bangladesh.
You can check your Umrah Visa by clicking Umrah visa check link. put your nationality, Passport number , Visa number to see your e umrah visa. you can check it from your mobile phone also.

Umrah Package with Dubai | Umrah Package with Egypt | Umrah Turkey Package

Jetway Hajj Umrah Group offers 3 other country tours with the Umrah Hajj package at a reasonable price. these packages are Family-Kids friendly also suitable for Individuals and Groups. you can visit each city for any duration from 3days to 6 days long. Umrah DUBAI Package is full of fun activities and attractive tours. Historical ancient Umrah EGYPT Package is full of excitement, full-day tours with three-times food, a Nile Cruise trip, English speaking tour Guide assistance, etc. Istanbul is the top tourist destination in the world. we designed Umrah TURKEY Package with Islamic heritage guided tour, a cruise trip, Guided day tours. kindly visit packages to know details and call us to finalize your package.

Why peoples love Jetway Umrah Hajj packages from Bangladesh?

  • 1. 12 years proven success track record since 2009, Alhamdulillah.
  • 2. Fast Umrah visa processing ability, even within 24 hours.
  • 3. Customizable Umrah Package from Bangladesh at affordable price.
  • 4. Dedicated & Expert Hajj Umrah Guide ( Maolana ) assistance during Umrah and other religious activities in Makkah and Madinah.
  • 5. Personalized Airport welcome and Luxury transfer ( GMC, FORD Jeep, Car ) service in Jeddah-Makkah-Madinah by our team.
  • 6. Authorized Umrah Visa agency approved by Bangladesh and Saudi Hajj Umrah Ministry
  • 7. Hand-picked Selective Brand Hotels to ensure comfort and closest to Al-Haram.
  • 8. All type of Hotels available according to budget like, 5star hotel, 4star hotel, 3star hotel, economy hotel
  • 9. Special business arrangement with premium airlines like Saudia airlines, Emirates airlines.
  • 10. Jetway Hajj Umrah group never compromise with Quality, that’s why we are getting almost 98% reference booking from previous hajj umrah customers.

Key features of Jetway Umrah Packages From Dhaka

1. Kids and Senior Citizen friendly Umrah Packages from Bangladesh
Jetway Hajj group carefully developed kids and elderly people-friendly umrah Hajj packages to fulfill their needs perfectly at holy places. we cater for all specific arrangements on request. like baby cot, wheelchair service for disables, emergency medical service assistance, comfortable transport service, special meals, etc. our service team assists guests closely to satisfy them.

2. Tailor-made umrah Hajj packages for Individuals, Family or corporate groups
we carefully designed Umrah packages to customize according to your needs. Easily you can make possible changes to fit your busy schedule and budget. you can make umrah packages for any duration starting from 3days to 15 days. Umrah package duration may even 2 days for transit passengers ( with umrah/visit visa ). we have ground service facilities ( Airport transfers, hotel, Guide etc ) for other countries umrah guests also, like from UK , USA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA etc.

3. Superior Hotel accommodations for Hajj Umrah package bd
we have priority business agreement with most of the international and local chain hotels in Makkah and Madinah for Jetway Hajj and Umrah packages. That's why our Hajj umrah guests enjoy privileged service in these hotels, like Fast check-in, Early check-in etc. we select best hotels for our Hajj umrah guests according to their demand.

4. Jetway Hajj Umrah group is the best Umrah Agency for First-Timers
Jetway hajj umrah group is the best choice for 1st-time Umrah visitors. Our experienced and responsible service team is ready to welcome you at Jeddah or Madinah Airport to make easy your holy trip. Umrah guide ( Maolana ) will assist you a2z umrah steps properly. Guided ziarah, Food, Transport service all are available on call 24x7. we provide basic to Luxury level Umrah services without any difficulties.

5. Personalized Airport pick-up and drop off service
It is an essential service for Umrah guests, especially for Family, comfort seekers, kids, and elderly peoples. we have trained and experienced transport service team to fulfill needs according to their demand. Latest Luxury to Budget, all type of vehicles availble to make your Umrah trip comfortable and hassel free.

6. The best service at 100% affordable Umrah package price
We have wholesale business agreement with Hotels, Airlines, and other stakeholders to make the Hajj package and Umrah package at the cheapest cost. Always we try to provide Quality hajj and umrah services at the best possible price from Bangladesh. That's why our Umrah packages are cheaper than other agencies.

7. wholeheartedly service to the guest of Allah ( SWT ) by Jetway Hajj Umrah Group since 2009
Alhamdulillah, We are a passionate team for Hajj and umrah working over the years successfully. Haji's comfort and satisfaction is our best motto. jetway hajj umrah group try to make happy all of their clients by providing the best service. that's why your holy trip will be meaningful and memorable in your life insha Allah.

8. Cheapest Group umrah package in Bangladesh for fixed date fly
Low budget group package is a popular umrah package 2020-2021 in Bangladesh. any single people also join this package to perform his umrah at a cheap cost. Group Umrah package duration commonly 14days to 15days with fixed date fly.


    • Dear Masum Billah Bhai,
      •  I really don't know where to begin except to say, "Thank you."
        •  Truly, I including my 8 members of the family had a marvelous time on our trip for Umrah. We were very pleased with the accommodations in Holy Makkah and Madinah. It was amazing and exceeded my expectations! . .

    Haji Engineer Mohammad Haroon Bhuiyn

    Engineer Mohammad Haroon Bhuiyn

  • No word to appreciate. Real good professionalism & quick in response over phone or e-mail. Start to end all way we got good support. By the Grace of Allah, we completed a successful Umrah. All credit goes to Masum Bhai. I found Jetway Hajj Group while searching the web for a Hajj Kaphela, from the net I mail to Masum bhai & got a response within short times. That's all somehow ...

    Haji Abu Taleb Liton

    Abu Taleb Liton

    DGM, Mamiya-OP (BD) Ltd, CEPZ
  • Good experience and services. All pre-set arrangement helped a lot for smooth completion of 10days Umrah with family. However, better management in Madina will improve satisfaction level further. Overall very good service.

    Haji S M Ziyad Ahmed

    S M Ziyad Ahmed

    Sr. Executive, ROBI Telecom
  • Alhamdulillah, we have performed Umrah & visited Egypt recently with "Jetway Hajj Umrah Group". we are very much satisfied with their service. they have a professional and dedicated service team in Makkah, Madinah & Egypt. All of . . . 

    Haji DR. Md. Shawkat Hossain Khan

    DR. Md. Shawkat Hossain Khan

    Doctor, Kurmitola General Hospital
  • At first, I would like to say Thank you very much...!!! I have performed Umrah with my family last week. The service was incredible. They have a dedicated team in Makkah and Medinah. Special thanks to Masum Vai, and Delwar vai. They kept their commitment. I will definitely recommend this travel agent. Md. Ashikur Hasib, CANADA

    Haji Md. Ashikur Hasib

    Md. Ashikur Hasib

    Private job in Canada
  • Completed UMRAH this March, 2017 with family. Stayed in Jawed El Saqeefah Hotel in Madinah and Mubarak Plaza in Makkah. Both are premium category hotels. Staffs support..

    Haji S. M. Mahfuzur Rahman

    S. M. Mahfuzur Rahman

    Executive Vice President
  • Assalamualaikum, I have performed my Umrah in May 2016 and Holly Hajj in September 2016 through Jetway Hajj Agency.  The beauty of this agency is their commitment. They are so committed to their services from Hotel reservations,  transportation, and other important services. During Hajj many . . 



  • Dear Mr. Masum Billah

     Thank you very much for everything you have done for us. May Allah bless you and increase your ability to help people for their hajj. Insha Allah I will contact you for further Hajj and Umrah in the future.

    Haji Professor Dr. Moududul Haque

    Professor Dr. Moududul Haque

  • As-Salamu Alaikum. I would like to thank your Company Jetway Hajj Group and personally you for the extended support and professionalism in arranging the hajj program..

    Haji Md. Rashedul Hussain

    Md. Rashedul Hussain

    Vice President, HSBC
  • Jetway Hajj Group had arranged VIP Package for Holy Hajj in this year for three of my family members. They had prepared the entire schedule properly.

    Jetway Team also provide good service & co-operation as per their commitment from the beginning to the end of Holy Hajj in Saudi Arabia...

    Haji A.K.M. Jeaur Rahman

    A.K.M. Jeaur Rahman

    Ex. Senior Vice President( IFIC Bank Ltd.)
  • We Four Of Our Family Members Had Booked With Jetway Hajj Group For VIP 5 star Royal Hajj Package For 2015. The Service Rendered By Jetway Was Very good..

    Haji Syed Shahid Hossain

    Syed Shahid Hossain

    Deputy General Manager
  • The service of the Jetway Hajj group at Makkah & Madinah during our Hajj trip 2011 was cordial & comfortable. They were very much sincere about us. We are happy and recommend them to interested people who want to perform Hajj. We wish their prosperity in this business.

    Haji Engineer Md. Shykul Islam

    Engineer Md. Shykul Islam

    General Manager(Rtd.) BCIC
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